A Prelude to CanMake’s Philippine Launch

Who doesn’t adore anything Japanese? The people (fair skinned, chinky eyed beauties) , the stuff (Have you ever been to a Japanese store? They sell like everything. From cutesy mini hand fans, to undergarment bags for machine washing, to armpit sweat pads, which is like an undie liner but for the armpits,  well they all have it. I find it impossible to leave a Japanese store without something in my hand. It’s like you don’t even know what you need until you enter and roam around the store.), Hello Kitty (what girl doesn’t adore this cute and cuddly kitty? I for one have always been a sucker for Kitty), the place and the climate (Think of cherry blossoms, the cold, cold climate which is the reason for Uniqlo’s somewhat inappropriateness in the Philippine setting, and oh, the bikes too, hassle free biking, that is.), the literature (I am so in love with Haruki Murakami) and of course, the makeup. You just gotta love Japanese makeups.

Last May 9, I was invited by my beauty blogger friend, Celline Reyes of Product Arena to Canmake ’s exclusive makeup workshop. The workshop was conducted prior to Canmake’s official Philippine launch this June. It was my first time to attend such an event, thank heavens for Celline’s invite. The venue was in itself a minefield of cuteness and girlyness! They really brought kawaii in the house!


Kawaii all over. This is the table they set-up for registration. 


These jars are lovely, I really wanted to take them home. *winks then smirks*


Table topper the first. Candies, cotton buds and makeup sponges!


Table topper the second. MORE CANDIES, I died.


This is Kaori Anzai-san discussing the what-abouts of the company. The presentation also included the current trends in makeup in Japan. 

Segue: Haruki Murakami fans, this lady really reminded me of Kumiko Okada of The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. I guess it’s because of her dress.

CanMake was founded in Japan in the year 1986. It is a brand highly used by teeny boppers, young office ladies and even professional makeup artists. And since the brand offers cute, quality products at reasonable prices, they have been patronized by customers not just from Japan, but also from other Asian countries as well. There are 64 stores in Hong Kong, 412 in Taiwan, 35 in Singapore, 29 in Malaysia, 212 in Korea, 49 in Thailand, 8 in Myanmar, 16 in Russia. And now, for the first time, CanMake will be opening a Philippine store this June! How exciting.

After Anzai-san’s presentation, Japanese MUA Toshimi Itabashi showed us how to apply the makeups. Basically, the goal is look made up without too much gunk – yes, exactly how the Koreans do it.




Itabashi-san demonstrating how to apply Japanese makeup. The models had different skin types. It just made me understand that their products are truly versatile. They have products for every skin type!

So after an amazing presentation of CanMake’s what-abouts and a makeup session, we were allowed to try the products. Almost all of them. We technically had “Philippine” dibs on them!


Oh hello there, babies! Color me beautiful. 

I personally loved the BB Cream (okay, I might be rowing a boat in two different rivers here.  Remember my love for another BB Cream?). It’s not sticky but it does not dry-out the skin either. I also loved the primer, it was a powdery-based primer. It totally smoothens the skin, I swear. And then I also loved the eyebrow mascara and the cream cheek blusher… and I fell in love with everything CanMake. I’m so giddy and excited for its official launch!

And to add more awesomeness to that day, we didn’t go home empty handed. There was a loot bag filled with CanMake goodies!



Candy Wrap Lip Tint, Cheek Gradation and Cream Cheek Blusher. Will write reviews about them soon.

It was an awesome event and I really am excited for their grand launch this June!



Connect with CanMake

Visit their Facebook page for more details: CanMake Philippines


The Wardrobe Manual

“What do I wear today?”

This perhaps is one of the most common queries a typical woman asks in her everyday life. Donning a month of outfits can be tedious, not to mention expensive. But looking fab and chic doesn’t need to be a drag! With only a few pieces from your wardrobe, you can easily snag 30 looks. All you need are staple closet-boosting pieces and a  knack for layering and mixing and matching.

All about footsies


Yes, a girl can never have too many shoes and these pairs shouldn’t be missing in any girl’s shoe rack.

1. A comfy pair of girly flats – Who says that flats aren’t as dynamic as heels? With chic colors and embellishments, a pair of flats can outdo a killer pair of heels. These are the ultimate go-to shoes for times when you don’t feel like strutting around in sky-high pairs.

2. A cool pair of topsiders – It’s basically a fusion of girly and funky. Perfect for times when you want a cool chic vibe. It goes well with almost anything.

3. A pair of wedges – It adds height and glamour, less the worries of getting the heels stuck onto something. Also a tad comfortable compared to pumps and platforms.

4. A killer pair of heels – Queen bee vibe – what else should I say? Okay. So killer heels (may it be stilettos, platforms or pumps), have the magic to transform women from boo to vavavoom. Well, I read that it has something to do with the heels somehow altering a woman’s posture. According to Jena Pincott, author of Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes, ”Heels force your pelvis to tilt so that both your rear end and chest stick out.” TALK ABOUT SEXY.

5. An ever reliable pair of kicks – It’s all about cool, comfy and laid-back awesomeness.

The Closet Staples


And here are the looks that I have come up with!


Styling, Photography and Editing by yours truly.



  • All the clothes marked * are either vintage or thrifted. The denim jacket turned vest was a DIY, so is the pink Giordano button down.
  • All the items are mine. :)

What Makes the Great in Gatsby?

So the 2013 film adaptation is about to be shown. I am so excited to see the 2013 movie since I haven’t seen any other Gatsby adaptations.  When I first saw the trailer, I squealed in awe. Everything that I have imagined while I was reading the book (well, we all have that tiny movie-making thing going on our brains when reading something, right?) were there. It was amazing, how they have seemed to translate the page to the screen well (judging too early, I know.) I know that not everyone has read the book but are most likely to watch the movie anyway – hello Leo! – so I thought of sharing some thoughts on why Gatsby was great, or deemed great.

The Great Gatsby is a novel written by American author, Francis Scott Fitzgerald. The story transpires during the 1920’s (which was also famously referred to as the Roaring Twenties), a time when the United States was highly affluent and where the society exudes a significant change in social and cultural inclinations.  It was an era of transformation: Jazz music flourished, the flappers were the new breed of modern women, materialism defined being and the society was highly status-driven. These were the consequences brought forth by the violence and atrocity of the First World War and people compensated the ordeal by lavishness and extravagance.  People were disillusioned and stripped off of their moral values.

The Great Gatsby basically mirrors Fitzgerald’s thoughts on the rise of a new era – an era which was embraced yet loathed at the same time, at the same extent. It was an era of progress and decline, of rudderlessness and meaninglessness, and of hypocrisy and debauchery.

The Great Gatsby is the illustration of the distorted American dream, which was the pursuit of happiness and individuality. In the Great Gatsby, the pursuit of happiness was merely depicted as the attainment of status, power and wealth. Everybody was detached from everybody because of their selfish and whimsical desires, and carelessness.

Gatsby, however, was different. Yes, he was rich, well, new money rich, but he was wealthy. Back then, the old money rich looked down on the newly rich ones because of lack of taste and integrity – well most new money rich people acquired their wealth illegally, engaging in illicit businesses. Even though such was the case, everybody was still attracted (and at the same time intrigued with) to Gatsby, taking advantage of his lavish parties. And though Gatsby was amidst the glamour, the elite and the extravagance, he was not disillusioned from the idea of chasing after his dream, which is Daisy’s love. He was the party host who never even partied, the alcohol bootlegger who never got drunk and the rich who was never consumed by the mundane desire for the material. He made his dreams happen (not justifying that his means were fine though), in his hope to win the love his life. Perhaps in that empty world they thrived in, Gatsby was the only one capable of discerning the noble values like that of love and hope despite the hollowness and the lavish indulgences that has taken over the society, thus making the great in Gatsby.


Just some notes:

  • I just focused on why Gatsby was great to be some sort of guide to those who will watch the film (Oh hello there, Leo) but has not read the book.
  • I hope the film doesn’t disappoint. But I’m quite of expecting that the movie will be depicted in a cheesy kind pursuit of love, taking away the meaning behind the novel’s symbolisms. AHHH COMMERCIALISM.


From http://postmediavancouversun.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/great-gatsby-trailer-2013-beyonce-lana-del-rey-andre-3000-florence.jpg

A Product Review: Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream

Korean makeup has totally paved its way towards its seemingly unwavering prominence in the world of beauty. It has become a makeup staple for many Asians. So what makes Korean makeup so special, trendy and very much sought after? Well for one thing; these Korean color-me-beautiful goodies do not make one really, really made up, even if you put on makeup. It offers subtlety in the midst of an awe-inspiring beauty and fierceness in its simplicity and effortless vibe. Moreover, Korean makeups are made up of natural, skin-friendly ingredients and they are astonishingly cheap (well, comparing to other makeup lines).

But in this K-Makeup (if there’s Kpop then there’s K-Makeup, pat. pen.) invasion comes the question, “What product should I use then?”

I have always been a fan of Korean brands, especially Face Shop and Etude. From body butters, to lippies, to hair dyes, down to makeup primers, name it; I’ve tried and liked them all.

So when my mom first brought home a sample of this up and coming Korean makeup line, Lioele, I sort of cringed (Don’t I deserve a Loyalty Award from those two other makeup brands I have mentioned above?) over the idea of having a new brand of which I had no knowledge of. (Okay, it stinks of bias over here.)

But I tried it. I tried it and liked it and I loved it! I have learned that it is quite new in the Philippines and it was not marketed the way other famous Korean makeup lines were.[1]

So to cut the story short, even if it has been relatively longer and might get even longer if I keep on talking like this, I FELL IN LOVE WITH LIOELE. It was like falling for a dweeb kid upon realizing that a hot stud lies within him. [2]

Now, let me share to you my much loved and perhaps the only BB Cream that I will love (for many years, at least), The Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream!



The Triple the Solution BB Cream is a long-lasting BB Cream which offers 3 benefits in 1. It offers UV Protection (SPF30/PA++)[3], it helps lighten the skin tone and it fights wrinkles as well.

As inscribed in the tube:


This product makes your skin moist as yogurt and hyaluronic acid[4] supply moisture and nutrition.

It comes in a very, very girly packaging. It’s a minefield of cuteness! It comes in an easy-squeeze tube with a pump nozzle for easy dispensing.


I find this feature really convenient as it avoids spilling, which is quite common in other tubes without this kind of feature. The tube is slender and light, thus making this product an easy carry especially during traveling.

There is only one available shade but it is definitely suited for the Filipina skin. Upon application, it doesn’t feel icky sticky, unlike other BB Creams. It is light on the face but it gives a great, smooth, flawless coverage as it controls oil.


Upon application

This is the primer that I use every day. Inasmuch as it is efficient during day use, it is awesome for night outs too. Imagine dancing the night away without having the troubles of retouching again and again.

When blending the product, you can use a brush or your ever reliable magical fingers. I usually go for my pointy points since it makes the blending appear more natural and it makes the product absorbed easily.[5]

And the best thing about this product is that you do not have to worry about the cakeyness and the feel of the product melting like icing during a really hot day. It remains dry and intact all throughout the day.

I might be sounding a little biased but for me, this product is amazeballs. I never even had another breakout ever since I switched to this.

Overall, I highly recommend this BB Cream, especially for those trying to achieve a flawless, silky smooth finish without having to put too much gunk on your face. The tiniest amount is all you need – it’s even tinier than a pea. That being said, it’s also definitely worth the moolah. It sells for 1,150php but if you buy from a totally awesome shop like Colour Me Happy by Minnie (oh yes, it’s my shop), you can get up to 10% off of the price.


[1] I knew of that because my mom and I went to their Ortigas office for a distributorship. So I ended up opening my own online shop wherein I sell Lioele products –visit

https://www.facebook.com/colourmehappybyminnie . Come on!

[2] Indeed, it was a transcendental moment.

[3] Totally meant for a tropical country like ours. God bless the Philippines!

[4] HEADS UP! Hyaluronic acid is a bioactive ingredient that can be found in the epithelial and conjunctive tissues of the human body. Being a very effective biological hydrating agent, this acid is used as a main ingredient in many anti-aging face creams and serums. Thanks to its regenerative properties, the hyaluronic acid scores popularity points both on the medical and cosmetic market. Thus, it’s being used in a large number of procedures from eye surgeries to lips augmentations. SOURCE: http://acidpedia.org/hyaluronic_acid/

[5] Just please make sure that your hands are clean, to avoid unwanted and very much loathed breakouts.

Shine Bright Like A Big Ball of Cheese

During the advent of my wacked out childhood (roughly about 6 years of age), I used to wonder why a big ball of cheese and little cheese chunks hang above the ebony night sky. I had no knowledge about the moon or the stars, and that luminous big and chunky things in the sky are cheese, a big ball of cheese and tiny chunks of cheese for me. Oh and that semi-dark, oblique spots inside the big ball of luminous cheese are the shadows of mice that loved to dwell inside the big cheese. With the conviction of an inquisitive and wondrous child, I believed that those mice ate the big cheese, day and night and loved it so well. With eating too much, their little tummies would swell up, their little mouse ego feels hatred for cheese and would throw up, and then throw up some more. The mess they create becomes part of the giant cheese ball again. But these mice surely love their cheese. For the mice, the bigger the cheese was, the better. Little cheese was of no regard, it was only the big cheese that the mice loved dearly. They eat again, eat ‘til their tummies swell, hate the cheese and throw up. It’s a cycle. What’s that big thing in the jet black sky again? CHEESE! A big, big ball of cheese.

I am the rat, you are the cheese. I love you. You, the cheese glows like the moon in the sky, and despite the darkness (the flaws and the weaknesses) that surrounds you, you remain a darling to me as your glow overpowers that darkness. Those little chunky cheese stars may glow, but its glow does not compare to yours. But though I love you dearly, I am not perfect. I get tired, and feel as if I do not like you. But the affections are just too strong to fade, no matter how much I’d hate you, love still takes over.