A Prelude to CanMake’s Philippine Launch

Who doesn’t adore anything Japanese? The people (fair skinned, chinky eyed beauties) , the stuff (Have you ever been to a Japanese store? They sell like everything. From cutesy mini hand fans, to undergarment bags for machine washing, to armpit sweat pads, which is like an undie liner but for the armpits,  well they all have it. I find it impossible to leave a Japanese store without something in my hand. It’s like you don’t even know what you need until you enter and roam around the store.), Hello Kitty (what girl doesn’t adore this cute and cuddly kitty? I for one have always been a sucker for Kitty), the place and the climate (Think of cherry blossoms, the cold, cold climate which is the reason for Uniqlo’s somewhat inappropriateness in the Philippine setting, and oh, the bikes too, hassle free biking, that is.), the literature (I am so in love with Haruki Murakami) and of course, the makeup. You just gotta love Japanese makeups.

Last May 9, I was invited by my beauty blogger friend, Celline Reyes of Product Arena to Canmake ’s exclusive makeup workshop. The workshop was conducted prior to Canmake’s official Philippine launch this June. It was my first time to attend such an event, thank heavens for Celline’s invite. The venue was in itself a minefield of cuteness and girlyness! They really brought kawaii in the house!


Kawaii all over. This is the table they set-up for registration. 


These jars are lovely, I really wanted to take them home. *winks then smirks*


Table topper the first. Candies, cotton buds and makeup sponges!


Table topper the second. MORE CANDIES, I died.


This is Kaori Anzai-san discussing the what-abouts of the company. The presentation also included the current trends in makeup in Japan. 

Segue: Haruki Murakami fans, this lady really reminded me of Kumiko Okada of The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. I guess it’s because of her dress.

CanMake was founded in Japan in the year 1986. It is a brand highly used by teeny boppers, young office ladies and even professional makeup artists. And since the brand offers cute, quality products at reasonable prices, they have been patronized by customers not just from Japan, but also from other Asian countries as well. There are 64 stores in Hong Kong, 412 in Taiwan, 35 in Singapore, 29 in Malaysia, 212 in Korea, 49 in Thailand, 8 in Myanmar, 16 in Russia. And now, for the first time, CanMake will be opening a Philippine store this June! How exciting.

After Anzai-san’s presentation, Japanese MUA Toshimi Itabashi showed us how to apply the makeups. Basically, the goal is look made up without too much gunk – yes, exactly how the Koreans do it.




Itabashi-san demonstrating how to apply Japanese makeup. The models had different skin types. It just made me understand that their products are truly versatile. They have products for every skin type!

So after an amazing presentation of CanMake’s what-abouts and a makeup session, we were allowed to try the products. Almost all of them. We technically had “Philippine” dibs on them!


Oh hello there, babies! Color me beautiful. 

I personally loved the BB Cream (okay, I might be rowing a boat in two different rivers here.  Remember my love for another BB Cream?). It’s not sticky but it does not dry-out the skin either. I also loved the primer, it was a powdery-based primer. It totally smoothens the skin, I swear. And then I also loved the eyebrow mascara and the cream cheek blusher… and I fell in love with everything CanMake. I’m so giddy and excited for its official launch!

And to add more awesomeness to that day, we didn’t go home empty handed. There was a loot bag filled with CanMake goodies!



Candy Wrap Lip Tint, Cheek Gradation and Cream Cheek Blusher. Will write reviews about them soon.

It was an awesome event and I really am excited for their grand launch this June!



Connect with CanMake

Visit their Facebook page for more details: CanMake Philippines


One comment on “A Prelude to CanMake’s Philippine Launch

  1. claire p. says:

    Hi there! I just read your blog bout canmake, i really want to.visit their store, do u have any idea where the store is?
    Just leave a message in my email thanks!

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