The Wardrobe Manual

“What do I wear today?”

This perhaps is one of the most common queries a typical woman asks in her everyday life. Donning a month of outfits can be tedious, not to mention expensive. But looking fab and chic doesn’t need to be a drag! With only a few pieces from your wardrobe, you can easily snag 30 looks. All you need are staple closet-boosting pieces and a  knack for layering and mixing and matching.

All about footsies


Yes, a girl can never have too many shoes and these pairs shouldn’t be missing in any girl’s shoe rack.

1. A comfy pair of girly flats – Who says that flats aren’t as dynamic as heels? With chic colors and embellishments, a pair of flats can outdo a killer pair of heels. These are the ultimate go-to shoes for times when you don’t feel like strutting around in sky-high pairs.

2. A cool pair of topsiders – It’s basically a fusion of girly and funky. Perfect for times when you want a cool chic vibe. It goes well with almost anything.

3. A pair of wedges – It adds height and glamour, less the worries of getting the heels stuck onto something. Also a tad comfortable compared to pumps and platforms.

4. A killer pair of heels – Queen bee vibe – what else should I say? Okay. So killer heels (may it be stilettos, platforms or pumps), have the magic to transform women from boo to vavavoom. Well, I read that it has something to do with the heels somehow altering a woman’s posture. According to Jena Pincott, author of Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes, ”Heels force your pelvis to tilt so that both your rear end and chest stick out.” TALK ABOUT SEXY.

5. An ever reliable pair of kicks – It’s all about cool, comfy and laid-back awesomeness.

The Closet Staples


And here are the looks that I have come up with!


Styling, Photography and Editing by yours truly.



  • All the clothes marked * are either vintage or thrifted. The denim jacket turned vest was a DIY, so is the pink Giordano button down.
  • All the items are mine. :)