A Product Review: Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream

Korean makeup has totally paved its way towards its seemingly unwavering prominence in the world of beauty. It has become a makeup staple for many Asians. So what makes Korean makeup so special, trendy and very much sought after? Well for one thing; these Korean color-me-beautiful goodies do not make one really, really made up, even if you put on makeup. It offers subtlety in the midst of an awe-inspiring beauty and fierceness in its simplicity and effortless vibe. Moreover, Korean makeups are made up of natural, skin-friendly ingredients and they are astonishingly cheap (well, comparing to other makeup lines).

But in this K-Makeup (if there’s Kpop then there’s K-Makeup, pat. pen.) invasion comes the question, “What product should I use then?”

I have always been a fan of Korean brands, especially Face Shop and Etude. From body butters, to lippies, to hair dyes, down to makeup primers, name it; I’ve tried and liked them all.

So when my mom first brought home a sample of this up and coming Korean makeup line, Lioele, I sort of cringed (Don’t I deserve a Loyalty Award from those two other makeup brands I have mentioned above?) over the idea of having a new brand of which I had no knowledge of. (Okay, it stinks of bias over here.)

But I tried it. I tried it and liked it and I loved it! I have learned that it is quite new in the Philippines and it was not marketed the way other famous Korean makeup lines were.[1]

So to cut the story short, even if it has been relatively longer and might get even longer if I keep on talking like this, I FELL IN LOVE WITH LIOELE. It was like falling for a dweeb kid upon realizing that a hot stud lies within him. [2]

Now, let me share to you my much loved and perhaps the only BB Cream that I will love (for many years, at least), The Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream!



The Triple the Solution BB Cream is a long-lasting BB Cream which offers 3 benefits in 1. It offers UV Protection (SPF30/PA++)[3], it helps lighten the skin tone and it fights wrinkles as well.

As inscribed in the tube:


This product makes your skin moist as yogurt and hyaluronic acid[4] supply moisture and nutrition.

It comes in a very, very girly packaging. It’s a minefield of cuteness! It comes in an easy-squeeze tube with a pump nozzle for easy dispensing.


I find this feature really convenient as it avoids spilling, which is quite common in other tubes without this kind of feature. The tube is slender and light, thus making this product an easy carry especially during traveling.

There is only one available shade but it is definitely suited for the Filipina skin. Upon application, it doesn’t feel icky sticky, unlike other BB Creams. It is light on the face but it gives a great, smooth, flawless coverage as it controls oil.


Upon application

This is the primer that I use every day. Inasmuch as it is efficient during day use, it is awesome for night outs too. Imagine dancing the night away without having the troubles of retouching again and again.

When blending the product, you can use a brush or your ever reliable magical fingers. I usually go for my pointy points since it makes the blending appear more natural and it makes the product absorbed easily.[5]

And the best thing about this product is that you do not have to worry about the cakeyness and the feel of the product melting like icing during a really hot day. It remains dry and intact all throughout the day.

I might be sounding a little biased but for me, this product is amazeballs. I never even had another breakout ever since I switched to this.

Overall, I highly recommend this BB Cream, especially for those trying to achieve a flawless, silky smooth finish without having to put too much gunk on your face. The tiniest amount is all you need – it’s even tinier than a pea. That being said, it’s also definitely worth the moolah. It sells for 1,150php but if you buy from a totally awesome shop like Colour Me Happy by Minnie (oh yes, it’s my shop), you can get up to 10% off of the price.


[1] I knew of that because my mom and I went to their Ortigas office for a distributorship. So I ended up opening my own online shop wherein I sell Lioele products –visit

https://www.facebook.com/colourmehappybyminnie . Come on!

[2] Indeed, it was a transcendental moment.

[3] Totally meant for a tropical country like ours. God bless the Philippines!

[4] HEADS UP! Hyaluronic acid is a bioactive ingredient that can be found in the epithelial and conjunctive tissues of the human body. Being a very effective biological hydrating agent, this acid is used as a main ingredient in many anti-aging face creams and serums. Thanks to its regenerative properties, the hyaluronic acid scores popularity points both on the medical and cosmetic market. Thus, it’s being used in a large number of procedures from eye surgeries to lips augmentations. SOURCE: http://acidpedia.org/hyaluronic_acid/

[5] Just please make sure that your hands are clean, to avoid unwanted and very much loathed breakouts.