Shine Bright Like A Big Ball of Cheese

During the advent of my wacked out childhood (roughly about 6 years of age), I used to wonder why a big ball of cheese and little cheese chunks hang above the ebony night sky. I had no knowledge about the moon or the stars, and that luminous big and chunky things in the sky are cheese, a big ball of cheese and tiny chunks of cheese for me. Oh and that semi-dark, oblique spots inside the big ball of luminous cheese are the shadows of mice that loved to dwell inside the big cheese. With the conviction of an inquisitive and wondrous child, I believed that those mice ate the big cheese, day and night and loved it so well. With eating too much, their little tummies would swell up, their little mouse ego feels hatred for cheese and would throw up, and then throw up some more. The mess they create becomes part of the giant cheese ball again. But these mice surely love their cheese. For the mice, the bigger the cheese was, the better. Little cheese was of no regard, it was only the big cheese that the mice loved dearly. They eat again, eat ‘til their tummies swell, hate the cheese and throw up. It’s a cycle. What’s that big thing in the jet black sky again? CHEESE! A big, big ball of cheese.

I am the rat, you are the cheese. I love you. You, the cheese glows like the moon in the sky, and despite the darkness (the flaws and the weaknesses) that surrounds you, you remain a darling to me as your glow overpowers that darkness. Those little chunky cheese stars may glow, but its glow does not compare to yours. But though I love you dearly, I am not perfect. I get tired, and feel as if I do not like you. But the affections are just too strong to fade, no matter how much I’d hate you, love still takes over.